Policy on Dogs

Dogs pose a risk to livestock and can put people at risk of injury, however, we acknowledge that some members would like to occasionally bring their dogs along and as such we will host the occasional dog-friendly walk with the following rules in place for everyone’s benefit.

  1. Members may only bring their dogs on walks where it is explicitly indicated as “Dog-friendly” or [DF].
  2. If you wish to bring your dog you must inform the walk coordinator.
  3. A maximum of 3 dogs per walk and 1 dog per owner.
  4. Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times
  5. Dogs must be kept away from other members during food stops.
  6. Dogs must wait for members to cross stiles, gates, narrow passages etc
  7. Members should inform the walk coordinator of any dog(s) that misbehaves.
  8. Dogs that misbehave or bother other members may not be allowed on future walks.
  9. Dog-friendly walks will only be a very small percentage of our walks annually and will only take place in areas with no livestock or farmland.


Those participating in these activities should be aware of the risks and accept the responsibility for their own actions and involvement. No responsibility can be accepted by NI Walking Photography Group, members, guests or coordinators of walks for any mishap, which may occur, during a meet.