Group Policy

Group membership is restricted to 250 members as this is the maximum number of invites to our walks that we can send via Facebook. Inactive members and frequent policy violators will be removed to make room for new members on the waiting list.

  1. GROUP is not suitable for people who like to walk at a very fast pace. Do not get ahead of the walk coordinator, please wait.
  2. MEMBERS who haven’t been active in the group for over 12 months will be removed to make room for new members.
  3. NEW MEMBERS should take part in their first walk within 3 months of joining the group to retain membership.
  4. NO CHILDREN or UNDER 18s.
  5. NO DOGS (Unless otherwise explicitly indicated, read our policy on dogs)
  6. CANCELLATION. Please change your status from “Going” to “Can’t Go” no later than 3hrs before the walk is due to start, after this you may be presumed to be coming as the walk coordinator may not have enough time nor a mobile signal at the start of a walk to check for any late cancellations.
  7. TRANSPORT. Car sharing is encouraged. Please post in the event comments on facebook if you need a lift or if you can offer members a lift. Please share the costs with your driver and other passengers for fuel, parking, etc.
  8. POSTS. Only post comments relating to the group and our walks. No adverts, spam, or promoting other groups. Exceptions may be made for charity fundraising events. Also please do not post comments in block colours as it distracts from other posts.
  9. PHOTOS. Only upload photos from our walks and events.  A maximum of 10 photos per member per walk. Other non-group related photos may be removed.


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